Active substance: Baclofen

Dosage: 25 mg, 10 mg

Price: €42.42 – €413.21

Certain neurological diseases, such as spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy or multiple sclerosis, cause spasticity, a condition in which the body’s muscles become overly tight, which in turn leads to restricted movement and increased muscle tone. Symptoms of spasticity can include muscle weakness, cramping, difficulty moving, pain and limited joint mobility, and partial or complete loss of motor function, so the condition can have a significant impact on a patient’s quality of life and cause discomfort. Treatment of spasticity can include various methods, such as physiotherapy, massage, special exercises and medications such as Baclofen.
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What is Baclofen

Baclofen is an effective drug that is a central muscle relaxant and works by reducing the excitation of nerve cells in the spinal cord, leading to a reduction in spasticity and muscle cramps. The drug can help improve control of muscle movements, reduce pain and increase mobility in patients.

Indications For Use

Baclofen has various indications for the treatment of severe chronic skeletal muscle spasticity resulting from multiple sclerosis, other spinal cord injuries (e.g. spinal cord tumours, syringomyelia, motor neuron disease, transverse myelitis, spinal cord injury); stroke; cerebral palsy; inflammation of the spinal and cerebral membranes; traumatic brain injury.

Contraindications To Use

Baclofen has some contraindications and should be used with caution in some cases. Contraindications may include: an allergic reaction to Baclofen or any other component of the drug, severe liver or kidney failure, high blood pressure, epilepsy or other seizure disorders, active stomach or intestinal ulcers, obstructive lung diseases such as asthma.
Its use should also be avoided during pregnancy and lactation, as the safety of the medicinal product in this case has not been established.
Before using Baclofen, you should consult your doctor and inform him/her of any illnesses, allergies and medications you are taking. It is also important that you monitor your well-being while taking the medicine and report any unusual symptoms to your doctor.

Side effects

Like any other medicine, Baclofen can cause side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, constipation and others. Side effects usually occur at the beginning of treatment (e.g. drowsiness and nausea), when the dose is rapidly increased or when Baclofen is used in high doses, as well as in elderly patients. Unwanted effects are generally transient and disappear when the dose is reduced.
In addition, in some cases more serious side effects may occur, such as allergic reactions or mental changes, bradycardia or other heart problems, weakening of muscle strength, vision problems or stomach problems.
In case of side effects you should seek emergency treatment or consult your doctor.

Directions For Use And Dosage

Be sure to consult your doctor before starting treatment, as the doses you need may not be the same as those usually prescribed.
Baclofen can be taken with or without food, by mouth with plenty of water. If you have stomach problems, you should take the medicine with food. Most people take the medicine 3 times a day. Take it at the same time every day to reduce the risk of missing a dose.
The starting dose is usually 15 mg a day divided into several equal doses. For the first 3 days, 5 mg (½ 10 mg tablet) 3 times a day; on days 4-6, 10 mg (1 tablet) 3 times a day; on days 7-9, 15 mg (1½ 10 mg tablets) 3 times a day; on days 10-12, 20 mg (2 10 mg tablets) 3 times a day. Therapeutic effect in most patients is observed after a daily dose of 30-75 mg.
Baclofen should not be stopped abruptly because of the risk of hallucinations and exacerbation of spastic states.

Frequently Asked Questions

Very often, patients have many additional questions about the use of the medicine: how to take it and when it starts to work, whether it should be taken before or after meals. Let’s clarify these issues together.

How many times a day should Baclofen be taken?

The medicine is usually taken 3 times a day, but you may be prescribed a different number of doses. Follow the prescribed treatment regimen.

How Many Days Should You Take the Medicine?

The duration of treatment depends on the patient’s clinical condition.

When the drug starts to work

The drug starts to work 2-3 hours after taking it.

When to Take the Drug: Before or After Meals

The best time to take the medicine is with a meal.

Can you drive while taking bBaclofen?

Baclofen may cause drowsiness, so people taking this medicine should be careful when driving vehicles or operating other dangerous machinery.

Baclofen and Alcohol

It is strictly forbidden to consume alcohol during treatment with Baclofen, as it may have serious consequences, including death.

Baclofen Vs Lioresal

Lioresal is the trade name for the active substance Baclofen. Both names mean the same medicine with the same chemical compound and the same therapeutic properties. If you have been prescribed Lioresal, you should take it according to the instructions and dosage recommended by your doctor. If you wish to buy an equivalent of Lioresal, you can buy Baclofen.