Cleocin Gel

Cleocin Gel-uk

Active substance: Clindamycin

Dosage: 20 gm

Price: €35.17 – €145.62

Rosacea. Many people have no idea what this word means. And those who live with this chronic condition constantly dream of having healthy, clear skin. Rosacea (acne rosacea) is a chronic, non-infectious, inflammatory skin condition with erythema, telangiectasia, papules, pustules and, in some cases, rhinophyma and eye lesions. It usually develops in fair-skinned people from the age of 30 onwards. Statistics indicate that it affects more than 8-10% of the world’s population, with women predominating. The causes of rosacea are not fully understood, but doctors tend to believe that it may be due to gastrointestinal and thyroid problems, immune system dysfunctions and environmental factors affecting vascular tone. Rosacea can be corrected, but there is no cure. Cleocin Gel stands out as a formidable ally in the battle against acne and rosacea. Our article explains why so many people in United Kingdom rely on it for their facial care.

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What Is Cleocin Gel

Cleocin Gel is a potent clindamycin-based antibiotic that helps fight the bacteria that cause acne and rosacea. It also helps reduce inflammation, redness and swelling of the skin.

Indications For Use

The product is recommended for the treatment of many skin problems, such as mild to moderate acne and rosacea.

Contraindications For Use

Contraindications include individual intolerance to clindamycin or other ingredients, and fungal and viral skin infections.

Side Effects

Side effects may include various skin reactions such as dryness, burning, irritation, redness and itching, and worsening of skin conditions. However, if used correctly, side effects can be minimal.

Directions For Use

Cleocin Gel is for topical application only. The product is used by applying a thin layer of gel to clean and dry affected areas of the skin once or twice daily. The duration of treatment should be agreed with the doctor, as prolonged use of antibiotics may lead to bacterial resistance. If the condition does not improve after 6-8 weeks, but worsens, treatment should be discontinued.