Active substance: Hydrochlorothiazide

Dosage: 50 mg

Price: €42.63 – €388.76

High blood pressure – does the phrase and the condition ring a bell? If so, we recommend that you read our material on the combined antihypertensive Hyzaar. Its composition contains two active substances, which reduce blood pressure much better than each of the individual components alone.

Lozartan – is an angiotensin II AT1 receptor antagonist. Hydrochlorothiazide is a thiazide diuretic (water pill). The drug helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications and mortality in patients with left ventricular hypertrophy with hypertension. Below we explain in detail the properties of the drug, the route of administration and possible side effects.

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What Is Hyzaar And What Are Its Effects On The Body?

Hyzaar helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications and mortality in patients with left ventricular hypertension. When used consistently, it can normalise and maintain blood pressure and, in some cases, save lives.

Indications For Hyzaar Use

The drug is indicated for:

  • arterial hypertension (if therapy with a combination of therapeutic agents is indicated);
  • prophylactic drug therapy to reduce mortality and reduce the risks associated with cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, hypertrophic changes in the left ventricle).


Like all medicines, Hyzaar has clear contraindications to its use. These include individual sensitivity to hydrochlorothiazide, losartan or any other component of the medicinal product, liver disease, renal failure, anuria, cholestasis and disorders accompanied by biliary tract obstruction. Do not use during pregnancy and lactation and under 18 years of age.

It is strongly recommended to consult your doctor before starting treatment. Be sure to inform your doctor of any medical condition you have and any medication you are taking, in order to obtain a correct and safe treatment regimen.

Side effects

Both simple and more serious side effects can occur while taking the drug. They range from simple dizziness to anaemia and dangerous allergic reactions.

Seek medical attention if you experience any adverse reactions.

Dosage and Administration

The tablets should be taken orally with plenty of water and without food.

After all necessary diagnostic tests have been performed, your doctor will prescribe an individual daily dose. Do not self-medicate, as your dose may differ from the standard dose.

The standard dose for high blood pressure is 1 tablet per day. Stable effect of the medicine usually occurs after 21 days of use. If necessary, the doctor may increase the daily dose to 2 tablets a day.

The medicine can be taken in combination with other antihypertensives.