Active substance: Cyproheptadine

Dosage: 4 mg

Price: €29.80 – €134.09

Hives, contact dermatitis, eczema or allergic rhinitis? Which of these allergies bothers you? Migraine is a constant companion and you don’t know how to treat it, because other remedies don’t help at all?

Here is a reliable and well-proven antihistamine for systemic use in United Kingdom: Periactin.

If you have already used this medicine and know all its characteristics and the necessary dosage, all you have to do is order a new pack at the best price in our online pharmacy and in a few days you will receive it anywhere in the country. In anticipation of your question, we will answer you right away: yes, you can buy Periactin on our site without a prescription. However, if this medicine is completely new to you, read our material and you will have no doubts about its effectiveness.

What Is Periactin And What Is It Used For?

Periactin is a medicine that relieves allergic reactions. It is an antihistamine: it blocks a neurotransmitter that can have an irritant effect on the respiratory tract, digestive system, skin, cardiovascular system and muscles.

The drug stimulates appetite, which in turn influences weight gain, and is therefore prescribed for anorexia.

Indications For Periactin

Periactin is prescribed for the following conditions:

  • Allergic diseases (Quincke’s angioedema, hay fever, acute and chronic urticaria, serum sickness);
  • skin conditions (eczema, taxidermy, contact dermatitis, neurodermatitis);
  • loss of appetite (anorexia, chronic diseases);
  • vascular headaches (histamine-induced headache, migraine);
  • allergic reactions to certain medicines.

In some cases it is used as part of the complex therapy of chronic pancreatitis.

Contraindications Periactin

The drug is contraindicated in case of glaucoma, predisposition to oedema, benign prostatic hyperplasia, gastric ulcer, pregnancy, lactation, as well as individual sensitivity to the active substance, cyproheptadine or any other excipient of the drug. Do not prescribe to children under 2 years of age or to the elderly.

The use of alcohol during treatment with Periactin is strictly prohibited.
Before starting treatment with Periactin, ask your doctor about the compatibility of any medicines you are taking with Periactin.

Side effects

Side effects do not occur in all cases and are more frequent in people who are more sensitive to antihistamines.
A number of adverse reactions may occur: nausea and vomiting, stool disturbance, drowsiness, dizziness, unsteadiness, headache, weakness, tremor and restlessness, reddening of the skin, decreased blood pressure, tachycardia, photosensitivity, urticaria, Quincke’s oedema, rash.

Dosage and Administration

Before treatment, consult your doctor; the daily dose of the medicine is prescribed individually for each patient!

The medicine is taken orally after a meal with plenty of water. For the first few days, it is recommended to take it before going to bed.

In adults, the usual daily dose is 12 mg: 1 tablet (4 mg) three times a day.