Active substance: Orlistat

Dosage: 120 mg, 60 mg

Price: €32.86 – €288.73

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What is Xenical

Xenical is a medicine that is used for long-term therapy in combination with a low-calorie diet for obesity or overweight. It is available in tablet form, in doses of 60 mg and 120 mg. The main active ingredient, orlistat, is effective in the body if body weight has been reduced by at least 5% during 12 weeks of treatment.

Indications for use

Xenical is indicated for overweight (BMI ≥28 kg/m2) or obesity. It is used for long-term therapy in combination with a hypocaloric diet.

Directions For Use And Xenical Dosage

For adults, the recommended dose is 120 g, with each main meal (3 times daily). The tablets should be taken no later than one hour after a meal; if a meal is skipped, the drug is also skipped. The patient should follow a special diet containing no more than 30% fat of total calories. The tablets are taken three times a day, 120 mg each time; increasing the dose does not increase the slimming effect.


Hypersensitivity to orlistat or other ingredients, cholestasis, chronic malabsorption syndrome, pregnancy and lactation, children under 18 years.

Side effects

Adverse reactions during treatment with orlistat occur mainly in the digestive tract and are due to the fact that the drug inhibits fat absorption. The following side effects have been reported: oily discharge from the rectum, increased gas secretion, steatorrhoea, increased frequency of defecation and faecal incontinence. The likelihood of gastrointestinal reactions is higher with high amounts of fat, occurring mostly during the initial phase of treatment (first three months), in most cases once.

The most frequent adverse reactions are: headache, upper and lower respiratory tract infections, abdominal pain, stomach upset, flatulence, diarrhoea, frequent defecation, bloating, dental and gum infections, urinary tract infections, hypoglycaemia, flu, weakness, dysmenorrhoea, anxiety. Allergic reactions (rash, itching, hives).

Special instructions

If the reduced fat diet is not followed, there may be an increase in adverse reactions. Rectal bleeding has been reported; if such a symptom occurs, medical attention should be sought.

If the patient is taking oral anticoagulants, coagulation should be monitored. In chronic renal failure, oxalate nephropathy and hyperoxaluria may develop.

In epilepsy, Xenical may reduce the efficacy of anticonvulsants and there is a risk of seizures.

Use During Pregnancy and Lactation

Although no reproductive, teratogenic or embryotoxic effects have been observed in studies, it is not recommended to prescribe the product during pregnancy and lactation due to lack of clinical data. It is also contraindicated in children under 18 years of age.

How many times a day to take Xenical

Tablets are taken with main meals, usually three times a day at 120 mg. Increasing the dose does not increase the effectiveness of the weight loss and, if meals are skipped, the tablets are also skipped.

When Orlistat starts to work

Depending on the amount of fat in the body, the tablets take effect between 24 and 48 hours after use.

How many days should you take the medicine?

Treatment should not exceed 6 months; if no efficacy is seen after 12 weeks, the drug should be stopped.

What Not to Eat

During therapy, it is necessary to follow a special hypocaloric diet, in which fats will constitute 30% of the total daily caloric intake. If the patient does not follow the diet, there is a high risk of adverse reactions.

Before or After Meals

The tablets should be taken with meals or, at the latest, one hour after meals.